Create an AI-powered website in seconds

With the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) we can get web pages in seconds and generated effortlessly, only specifying as much as possible what we want so that AI generates the results well.

It is clear that artificial intelligence is here to stay, and technology is here to make the most of it. In this article you will see AI tools to create a web page. Yes, create a web page in seconds.

When I started on the Internet, web pages had to be developed with html and css code. Years later came the WordPress style CMS so the level of knowledge needed to develop a website was reduced. Later came platforms where anyone could create a Wix-style site, Ionos… Right now, it is even less, simply indicating clearly that you want the website, it is already created. No previous knowledge, no knowledge of the sector, just describing the business idea. It is a brutal and unprecedented advance. Are you ready to design websites with AI? Do you want to generate a website with artificial intelligence? Know these tools and you can do it quickly and with a professional finish.

Generate web with Artificial Intelligence


It is in an initial phase, you can create a very attractive landing, where the logo, texts and images will be automatically created. You just have to tell the application the business idea you have, the more descriptive the better.


It’s another AI-powered page builder. It asks you for more data than the previous platform, but it gives you 3 template options and the text and photos generated are more related to the theme. In the video you can see the page I have generated in a matter of seconds. The best thing about this tool is that it works with WordPress + Elementor.

In this article all the platforms that allow you to create web pages with AI, so if you do not want to miss anything, you can subscribe on the left side of the web.

Are you willing to participate in the AI revolution?

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