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What it’s like to work here

We have an office in Alcobendas, Madrid, Spain but we are remote-friendly, which means that we mostly work from home most of the time. We will give you the tools and resources that will help you to have a healthy environment, so you can focus on doing your work.

We encourage everyone to have their own voice. None of us are right all the time, and we need to hear when we are wrong.


Who you are

Superstar? Pass. Friendly and thoughtful? Let’s talk.

We are looking for Managers of One: people that come up with their own goals and work on them. They don’t need constant check-ins. They do what a manager would do — set the tone, assign items, know what needs to get done, etc.

If you consider yourself a learner, a thoughtful, kind, supportive person, you might fit in here.

We do think -as a lot of other tech companies- that diversity is essential for making great software, and that it has a more profound value beyond money. That’s the reason why we are working on building the most diverse we can (gender, age, race, people with functional diversity, etc.), people with different backgrounds, experiences, and capabilities.

We believe that better products are built when the team is genuinely inclusive. The more diverse we are as a team, the more impact we have as a company.


What skills do you need?

For this job, we are looking for a Python developer that has experience with building web APIs (we use FastAPI, but being familiar with any Python web framework will do) and writing batch processing scripts, because you will be working with a lot of data from multiple sources that will need to be transformed and normalized.

We use PostgreSQL and the PostGIS extension to handle all the geospatial data.

We write extensive tests using Pytest, so knowledge of testing, both unit and integration or even e2e, is mandatory.

Finally, the infrastructure management will play a key role as well, as we aim to expand to multiple territories, each with their own needs and requirements, so knowing how to automate and escale it will be really important too. For this, we use the AWS cloud and handle it with Terraform.

We are expanding internationally, so a good English level is a must. Although, we can provide English lessons to improve your skills

What they offer

Here’s what we offer

Salary based on your skills and experience (TBD).

Full-time job.


Free English lessons and flexible benefits.






Remote friendly Libertad para trabajar algunos días de la semana desde casa.

Cursos y certificaciones La empresa financia cursos de formación relacionados con las funciones del puesto.


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